Wilson County Community & Cumberland Real Estate

Cumberland Real Estate has been a part of the Wilson County community since 1982. Our community involvement is a very important ingredient in our continued success as a real estate company.

Cumberland Real Estate is a local agent owned and managed firm, giving our owners and agents a unique perspective on the real estate market we serve. National real estate companies make the business decisions that affect their local offices based on concern for a corporate bottom line. Cumberland Real Estate makes it’s business plans with concern and understanding of the community we serve as our top priority.

The real estate market varies greatly from region to region from state to state and from city to city. With over 34 years of actively being a driving force in the growth and development of our community, we have a tie and connection with the local real estate market that cannot be bought or taught.

The connection Cumberland Real Estate agents have to the community they serve is a benefit our clients have over all of our completion. The advantage of our Home Town Team has been built over time and commitment to the real estate market we serve. When you are represented by a Cumberland Real Estate agent you can be assured of professional service backed by a long history of involvement in the local market.

Cumberland Real Estate continues to be committed to the communities we serve and to providing the most innovative marketing tools available to our clients. We are determined to meet the modern real estate market and the new year with a fresh approach to the challenges and opportunities we encounter. This determination has made Cumberland Real Estate the leader in Wilson County real estate for many years and will make us the leading real estate company again this year.

We are excited about the future of our community and the prospects for a prosperous real estate market.